As the Art Critic An So-yeon, so wellput it  for Haru  K’ show at the GMA Ha Jung-woong Museum of Art « Haru. K collects images of natural scenes by sketching and photographing them and then reconstructs them and other situations he has experienced based on his memories. At the same time, he prepared a basis for his accounts which he likens to the process of potting plants or gleaning viewing stones. He focused primarily on the juxtaposition of potted or reduced scenes by referring to the gestures pertaining to such hobbies. In addition, he arranged images whose ornamental effects were maximized by “editing” the landscapes he has experienced and sketched in a way that is reminiscent of a lunch box made up of local specialties.  He disapproves of Oriental painting’s typicality, but this is perhaps related to his skepticism about our perception of its form, not the actual form itself. Given his own playful attitude, he probably feels inconvenienced by the need to maintain something formal in traditional painting and the perceptual strictness by which the liberal imagination cannot be set free, trapped in pictures.»