Rendez-vous avec A

04/09/2020 – 24/10/2020

5 Rue Saint Georges, 1050 Ixelles.





“Rendez-vous avec A.” is a retrospective, reuniting most of my works realised during my Master. The name of the exhibition is echoing one of my drawings made in the serie “Instructions pour trouver un Alicangaro”. This serie introduces a story where the spectator goes looking for an enigmatic and non-existant creature. The story of the exhibition privileges the spectator’s movement, in a physical way – by moving into the space – as well as in the spectator’s mental images through the daily objects, where the signified have been misappropriated with the practice of drawing. The mental image is thus double and composed of traps. These double images can be reversible, ambiguous or crypto-images.

First, the spectator indulges in a certain mental image, in a given signification in the definition of the using of an object. Than, he is surprised by the appearance of new perceptions. 

The notion of the trap is also present in the choice of the materials. The using of the graphite is dominant in my works. I misappropriate its first sense. The graphite, which is mostly made to draw, is used to create different objects and mediums. What we draw with becomes what we draw on.

This exhibition is a journey devoid of finality. We discover objects where the sense is infinite. We fall into traps where we do not know the way out. We have a Rendez-vous with A, but we will never know who it is.