NOT ALONE, A Journey to Evolution

NOT ALONE,  A Journey to Evolutionby Ghislain et Marie David de Lossy02.02 > 04.03.23 
26 Rue Saint-Georges

    After Hans Lemmen’s exhibition « In Search of a Better Paradise » in which the artist proposed a timeless mythological universe, a kind of utopia where men, animals and nature would be in search of a greater « paradise », we are very happy to accept the exhibition proposal of Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy « NOT ALONE, A Journey to Evolution »In the continuity of this reflection on the symbiosis between nature and man, we discover through watercolours on paper and photographic works a completely different vision of this terrestrial paradise, this fragile biotope which offers here an ideal, almost magical cohabitation between the artist and the animal, which gives itself – or not – to be seen.The viewer has fun taming a peregrine falcon through their drawings. It is almost a parallel to Egon Schiele’s relationship with his muses, revealing to us the beauty of this unattainable loved one, which we can only sketch quickly to try to translate its majesty in all its simplicity. In contrast, the animals in their photographic series invite an active approach from the viewer, as they are barely visible in their natural habitat. The viewer takes the place of the artist in love with animal beauty, the muse who, having just been captured, risks evaporating into the wild. What remains is the essential: to know that we are not alone and thus to evolve.

Felix Frachon