1050 Brussels | Belgium

Deep into unknown , Dypitch Size-152 cm x165.5cm ( Set of Two Work), Drawing ( Egg tempera) & Cyanotype – Print Paper & Photography – 2019 – 2021.

Writing time into space. Writing space into time.

Get a single trajectory, a single temporal landscap.

“The «this» does not appear as a present which later wiII have to become past and
which before that was future. This inkwell the moment I perceive it already exists in
the three temporal dimensions”
Sartre, J. P. (2001). Being and nothingness: An essay in phenomenological ontology.
Citadel Press.

Time landscape is imagining time as events in space: how time is entangled with the
idea of human consciousness and the landscape which manifests itself in the process
of events happening. Time essentially is an imaginary idea created by human
agency and very strongly associated with the human mind which Sartre called as
Time of the World.That seems like fiction but as someone with a strong visual sense,
I see this as a transformative metamorphosis of reality and imagination.The other crucial part of this process is how my own consciousness relates to this
Time Landscape. Everyday, life and information passes through me or I witness its
passage, which influences me and I reflect on those moments consciously in my
practice which informs in turn the landscape around me.
This is then to witness own my inner transformation in comparison to what is
happening as a socio-political space, where we encounter various forces creating
change we have to deal with everyday.


We are pleased to invite you to the opening of our second solo exhibition of B. Ajay Sharma, which will open on September 9 from 11 am to 9 pm on the occasion of Brussels Gallery Weekend. Entitled « Time Landscape« , this three-year body of work refers directly to what Sartre called the « Time of the World » in his book « Being and Nothingness », interpreted here as the landscapes of a past moment and of the passing of time.

B.Ajay Sharma takes us into his phantasmagorical universe where fiction and reality mingle and become one. Taking his own history and memories of past moments as a reference point, Indian and Buddhist philosophies also shine through in the iconography he uses.  Mainly monochrome, his works are reminiscent of Man Ray’s 1927 experiments with his photograms or even more recently Ellen Gallagher’s magnificent exhibition « Liquid Intelligence » at Wiels in 2019 presenting mainly his Cyanotypes. In addition to his photographic experiments, B Ajay Sharma’s pictorial language also marries performance, video, printmaking and drawing, and is found throughout the exhibition « Time Landscape ».

What might seem heterogeneous merges into a single work rich in all these techniques united by the same research, the same sensitivity and a common chromatic and narrative palette. Indeed, each of these drawings and engravings, highly dreamlike representations, take us on a journey of which B Ajay Sharma would be the narrator, but which our personal memories color with another language. An individual expression then becomes universal through the interpretations that we lend it, at the limit of the performance and the childhood tale.

B. Ajay Sharma is a contemporary Indian artist born in 1986 in Deoghar (Jharkhand) India. A genius and multidisciplinary experimenter, he uses drawing, painting, sculpture, video, performance, photography and new technologies to create a polysemic work. He founded the In_Process Open Source Live Art Practice-Lap, a platform for creation and support of performative arts as well as the Syah-Char Foto studio Community research and Practice of Photography New Delhi 2014 while he is professor of painting workshop at Chitkara University Chandigarh-Punjab. Exhibited worldwide (in India, Korea, Usa, Spain, France, Chile, Germany, China, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia…), and having won about fifteen awards, he is part of many private and public collections.