11 janvier 2018 : Performance d’Ariane Foks

Au 5 rue Saint Georges.

Dans le cadre du group-show -Letter from my dreams – commissariat d’expositon Yves Chatap







Classical concert hosted at LE26BY on December 16th 2017

French String Trio composed by:
Jérémy Pasquier, Sarah et Raphaël Jacob



Drawing as a Radical Script  hosted at LE26BY on December 12th 2017



How do we read drawings? What is a drawing? Are scripts initial forms of conceptual radical interpretation? Why do people in Clark House draw? The film-maker Jean Bhownagary drew to conceive practice as an artist besides experimentation in film, magic, mime and performance. Krishna Reddy drew to sculpt , print and scratch on copper plates. Amol K Patil writes scripts of performances redrawing his grandfather’s poetry into images that are the detritus of his performances. Ranjeeta Kumari draws donkeys as self-portraits of her own hard-work to strive as an artist despite biases of gender , race and caste. Saviya Lopes weaves with her grandmother quilts as drawings that preserve memories. Shiva Gor speaks Gormati, a language spoken by gypsies in India ,proposing a script of stones, while Sudheer Rajbhar uses leather as a vocational material for an artistic practice, Aman Negi involves himself in portraits and Birender Yadav deconstructing portraits of migrant labour. Naresh Kumar performs the idea of silence through photography. Tejswini Sonawane like Krishna Reddy imprints her fears in surreal scapes of animal bodies negating violence.

Mark Coombs proposed the idea of reimagination of drawing by using photos he took on a Super8 camera, using film stills as drawings to make a larger installation that mapped the space at Clark House. Why does drawing allow us to transcend matters or contexts of materiality or context. What allows Yogesh Barve to propose a script using a mechanical drawing? Understand the history and practice of Clark House through drawings on 12 December.


Sumesh Sharma (1983) is an artist , curator & writer. He co-founded the Clark House Initiative, Bombay in 2010 His practice is informed by alternate art histories that often include cultural perspectives informed by socio-economics and politics. Immigrant Culture in the Francophone, Vernacular Equalities of Modernism, Movements of Black Consciousness in Culture are his areas of interest. He was invited curator to the Biennale de Dakar , Dak’ ; Art 2016 and Checkpoint Helsinki in 2015. He has curated exhibitions at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Metropolitan Museum , New York, Centre Pompidou, Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, Para Site Hong Kong, Villa Vassilieff, Paris, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, ISCP New York, Insert 2014, New Delhi among others.

He has been a resident at the Latvian Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Manifesta Online Residency, San Art, Vietnam, Cites des Arts , Paris, and was the ICI fellow for Senegal in 2014 where he researched how the funding mechanisms in culture and institutional support of art institutions utilise the power structures put in place by colonial laws. His artist practice seeks layers through political materiality and art historical & theoretical failures while discussing the visual. His Masters in Research at the Universite Paul Cezanne (2008) was an Inquiry into Artist Careers.