Born in 1987, Mükerrem Tuncay is a biologist and a visual artist. She studied photo graphy and realizes installations and sculptures since 2013. Her work highlights the impact of all changes in the contemporary consciousness. Her interest for the transformation of the living, the ability of a living creature to transform itself physically, chemically and psychologically lead her to use organic ‘matters’ such as plants, animals and bacteries.

My sculptures are transformed day after day, giving the visitor the opportunity to experience their daily evolutions. With instant mediums, such as photography and video, I usually expose “time spent inside a transformation.’

Selected Group Exhibitions


Lauréats des Expositions de Noël 2013 & 2014, Magasin, National Center of Contemporary Art Grenoble, France, Grenoble

Casting the Circle, Galerist, Turkey, Beyoglu

Paradise: a little further, Galerie Dix9, France, 3e