In collaboration with the artists of the gallery, we start a new project LES PETITES EDITIONS DE LA GALERIE FELIX FRACHON. 


Les petites editions is the fruit of a long reflexion, which was born during the period of quarantine. We have long dreamed, dreamed of being able to bring together our artists, and their own aesthetics, around a common and unifying mission. This collaboration is an invitation to travel, a utopia discussed and shared by the gallerist and the artists, in which contemporary art would finally be democratized. The art works presented, in various formats and with a wide variety of multiples, were conceived exclusively by our artists for this project. Subversive, we make art accessible to everyone with prizes that make an echo with our mission.

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 & many more to come!


These editions will be on sale, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We remain active on our networks, accompanying these editions we will post videos of the artists explaining on the one hand his work process and on the other hand the stories and his influences which guide his creation.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: info@felixfrachon.com


#1 Vorst J by Arnaud Rochard


We’re proud to collaborate with Arnaud Rochard in the creation of small editions, the first of the series is the one below, Vorst J. This edition is available in 5 copies.

Vorst J
Xylographie sur papier Japon, 37×45 cm, 2020
[450,00 Euros ttc]


#2 Graphite Paper by David Tobon


We’re proud to collaborate with David Tobon for the creation of a small edition. Graphite paper is available in 3 copies.

Graphite (95%) et resine 5(%) – 42cm X 29cm X 0.3cm, 2018
Series of 3 [700 Euros TTC]

How can a pencil become the paper? This exploration on displacement exchanges the position of the basic elements of the practice of drawing. The graphite, which is normally used to draw on the paper, is now the entire support.




For this edition, we’re proud to collaborate with Jimmy Ruf. This edition is available in 10 copies.

SIX TIMES TEN EQUALS DEFINITELY MAYBE SIXTY YEARS OLD, Print on Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120g – 50 / 70 cm, 2020.[280 Euros TTC]



#4 The Contaminated Edition by Daniel Barclay


For this edition, we’re proud to collaborate with Daniel Barclay. This edition is available in 20 copies.

The Contaminated Edition
Acrylic, Dye, Brussels Newspaper sheets – 29.7 x 21cm, 2020
[690,00 Euros ttc]



#5 A series of photographs by Ehsan Ul Haq



For this edition, we’re proud to collaborate with Ehsan Ul Haq. This series includes 5 unique photographs.

one fish, two fish,

fish and apples

home made Equations I

Star fish

home made Equations II

Inkjet print on Photo Rag ultra smooth – 40x60cm, 2020
[1015,00 Euros ttc]

In his new body of works, Haq uses photography as a medium to create playfull/ obscure narratives that question the bizarre nature possibly existing within systems of logic.

By Locating/positioning and re arranging compositions with a dead fish, he highlights the notions of

objectivity associated to the ontology of beings; the living and dead. Action and compositions where the dead fish come together to make a star, resembling a star fish and a mirror composition of two fish with an apple, are examples of stripping away the inherent meanings of these objects in search of new representations.

The mathematical equations using a real / once alive objects he tries to find reasons in illogical outcomes. He insists those outcomes not to be wrong but different than expected, where these unexpected outcomes in themselves become both questions and explanations.


#6 Caresse moi du regard by Toufan Hosseiny


For this edition, we’re proud to collaborate with Toufan Hosseiny. This serie includes 7 editions.

Caresse moi du regard, 21 x 21cm, Broderie sur calico, 2020.[700,00 Euros ttc]

chacune positionnées dans un bloc qui respecte les distances de confinement et se regardent. Se regard si fort qui mène au ’toucher’ à la ‘caresse’ (qui elle est interdite et qui est primordiale pour l’être humain) traduite par les deux mains qu’on perçoit à peine par transparence et enfermées dans la pièce. Les fleurs représente aussi la nature, cette période de confinement nous rapproche d’elle, on se rend compte de son importance, et on l’observe avec plus d’attention lors de nos ballades. Une édition de 7 car chaque pièce met un jour à être produite, donc les 7 représentent une semaine de confinement.