French artist Julien Segard has a distinctive ability to accent existing spaces in a way that highlights their true essence. Julien creates his unique scenes and imagery, based on a philosophy of using found and reclaimed materials and a vernacular of natural materials such as clay, dust, coal, chalk & graphite. These sketched scenes are an intimate narrative of his experiences with both the land in question and it’s people. Julien finds his inspirations and subjects through his extensive travels, which have taken him all over the world (across Europe to Ghana to India) and across cities by foot, where he searches for industrial abandon, wastelands and economically challenged sectors. He ventures out to where it becomes difficult to circulate; amongst dense traffic, under flyovers, on train tracks, along autoroutes, etc. He indulges in all surrounding perspectives and is nourished by all elements and details in his environments. Extracting from these experiences, Julien brings to life a depiction of the unique and nuanced relationships between man, his land and the architecture that structures his life.
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YIA 2014

portrait j Segard

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