Jimmy Ruf was born in 1980 in Senlis, France. He was confronted from a young age by the dichotomous beauty and horrors of humanity. He spent the first sixteen years of his life in Africa: in Morocco, Egypt, Iraq and Nigeria. As an impressionable child, certain images were significant, the destruction during the Iran-Iraq war of the eighties is one example. In the same fashion, from his youngest age, the creativity of humanity has revealed itself to him as a source of grandeur and transcendance. Most strikingly through the sculptures and imposing architecture of Ancient Egyptian. The passage across the ages of these creations left a mark and has divined his own journey. He has undertaken to show the world what touches him most deeply, what he wants to illuminate, what he wants to know: human vanity – the creation, the finitude of which some call transubstantiation. This exploration manifests itself in Jimmy Ruf’s varied art forms across disciplines including photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and video.


Selected works