LUCAS JARDIN / ANTONIN KREMER curated by Mabel_curatorial
07.09.23 > 10.10.23 
5 Rue Saint-Georges
For our third installation at our gallery 5 Rue Saint Georges , dedicated to iinstallation and performance with a new programmation, we are happy to invite Mabel_Curatorial who continued the broad questioning of this season on ecology and time, with « Human Nature ».

As they so well put it, this installation made by 2 hands Lucas Jardin and Antonin Kremer : » HUMAN NATURE is an immersive experience combining mural painting and sculptural installation. The viewer is immersed in a transcendental space where there is no transition from the objective to the subjective, both being primitively the same thing. In this way, the condition of possibility of the thing is placed in abyss rather than the thing itself. Various issues come into play here, such as the relationship between nature and technology, between the organic and the artificial.Following numerous walks in the forest, the two artists selected a falling tree as the starting point and vanishing line for the composition of this project. They immersed themselves in nature to be able to compose and create the shape of the sculpture and the color palette of the painting.The composition of the sculpture is a formal retranscription of the tree stump, which appears here as a representation of an absent element of nature. Antonin Kremer approaches its sculptural aspect by creating a giant bespoke pedestal to support this fallen tree, which is almost no more.

The composition of the paint covering all the walls is a retranscription of the colors of a tree stump and the adjoining natural elements. The painting loses its traditional support of canvas and stretcher to become an all-over applied to the entire wall surface. Lucas Jardin carries out an extraction of these colors based on a photograph of the tree stump, tracing its course. «