Eshan Ul Haq

…Half is one and one is full

23.04.2021 – 19.06.2021


22.04.2021 | 11am > 8pm

5 Rue Saint Georges, 1050 Ixelles

…Half is one and one is full

What is not understood on earth can be understood underwater.”

Excerpt from “The Griffin Fish” by the Albanian poet and historian Moikom Zeqo (1949-2020).

In the new gallery season-opening, Felix Frachon welcomes you to As half is one and one if full,
a solo exhibition by Ehsan Ul Haq. In this recent body of works, through photographs and sculptures, Ul Haq creates a space where ideas of absurd and reasonable, real and imagined, tend to collapse into insoluble solutions.

In his exhibition …Half is one and one is full, Ehsan Ul Haq places the viewer in the absurdity within the reason, the illogical within the logic. Within his sculptures, he creates these so-called unreasonable imagined states that could easily live as mythical beings. These beings seem to have accidentally bumped into the real, creating an absurd moment, bodily forms spotted in a bizarre world and time. These half creatures, which he asserts as one and whole, tend to question the formal and conceptual undertakings that perform in creating certain logical conclusions. This idea is mirrored in his photographs, presenting a different set of rules and circumstance. Employing a very elementary and mathematical language, Ul haq uses ‘things’, that lay in the periphery of being an object and non-object. The compositions with dead fish question this puzzling ontological, whilst searching meaning and reason in its illogical outcomes.