David Tobòn

David Tobón


Born 1987, Colombia.

After few years working as an architect, Colombian David Tobón decided to move to Brussels and explore the rupture between the object’s function and image perception. This displacement creates a series of traps and confusing surprises for the spectator: keeping the precision of a technical formation, subtle modifications in objects which are hidden in a first approach, reveals new realities for the attentive presence of the public creating a fictional articulation within the exhibition space. He articulates his work on a recurring basis around a practice of playful and subversive diversion, translation and displacement mediums and supports related to the practice of drawing.

« Again and again, in collaboration with Sara Hernández, David Tobón investigates the phenomenon of something—the Alicangaro—that doesn’t exist. Their search for the enigmatic creature manifests in an absurd set of objects and instructions. Like a dead-end, the obscure puzzles are lacking a solution. The artist’s material choice suggests the only possible clue. Makings his artworks predominantly with graphite, he sculpts, draws and invents a dense aesthetic experience. The resulting works commemorate brittleness and relentless mark making. In another series of graphite drawings, he examines trash cans and further reflects on visibility and non-existence. »

Tenzing Barshee