Daniel Barclay



Daniel Barclay (Lima, 1972)

I was born in Lima (Perú) and studied fine arts at Corriente Alterna school of visual arts between the years 1994-1999 in Lima. I did my Thesis “Chamán Urbano” in 2003 at Corriente Alterna, and it studied the comparison between chamanism and urban symbols relating to sexuality and death. In 2003-2004 I studied an MAFA at Central Saint Martins School of Fine Arts (London). In this period I developed a practice that involved drawing, bidimentional objects and performance that in all, made a representation of territory from different fragments of works. Part of my final work included the performance “Journey to Trafalgar Square”.

Between 2000 and 2003 I was also part of a collective based in lima (Perú) called Otrosomos, with which I participated in several group exhibitions. Between 2005 and 2009 I did a body of work around painting. Part of this work was the exhibitions “Subcutáneo” (it involved the representation in painting of a series of conversations I had with HIV positive patients at a public hospital Dos De Mayo), and the exhibition “Convento” related to the inmaterial and religious imaginery. In 2010 I developed the performance “Tumorrow”, related to the memory of the war of the pacific, between Perú and Chile. In this project I invited people to do an exercise of collective performance in an area next to the monument to the unknown soldier in the Morro Solar.

Between 2010 and 2019 I ́ve been living in Sao Paulo and exhibiting in Sao Paulo and Lima. In 2014 and 2015 I developed two exhibitions with Brasilian curators in a private and a public gallery in Lima. In 2014 I did an exhibition In Lima with curator Paula Borgui at Galería Revolver called Estratificaciones Culturales. In this exhibition I worked with codes that related to the representation of space using books, newspapers, and painting.

In 2015 I exhibited at the public space Sala Luis Miroquesada Garland (Lima) a project with curator Marcio Harum that was related diffusely to the concept of Brasilian Antropofagia, proposed by Oswald de Andrade and inspired by the reproductions of cultural objects known as “copias bamba” (fake copies) for which the exhibition was called Bambaísmo. During 2018 I had two solo exhibitions, one in Lima at Cecilia Gonzáles art gallery called Pavilhao/Pabellón and it addressed codes and signs that permeate arquitecture and national symbols. The other was a small scale exhibition called Caderno Jornal at space 55sp in Sao Paulo.

I have participated in several art residencies over the years. In 2010 I participated in the art residency FAAP in Sao Paulo in where I investigated about the relationship between body and territory and the final project was exhibited at Casa Contemporánea. I also participated in Curatoria Forense art residency in Sao Paulo (2011), Hermes artes viasuais (Sao Paulo, 2011- 2012), Barcú (Bogotá, 2015), Kaaysá (Sao Paulo 2017). Viafarini (Milano, 2018), NES art residency (Iceland, 2019). Currently I just finished a period of one month residency at NES art residency.


Text by the artist