Arianne Foks lives and works in Paris and Brussels. Her drawings and her performances, question the real, capturing a daily life or a life fantasized. Her performances question our relationship to the world by creating situations where the participant finds himself faced with a decision to make; for example, choose between ‘die’ or ‘eat’. These questions, both absurd and concrete, try to transform us; these poetic metamorphoses blur our boundaries between realities and personal fictions.

Performances :

2018 : Letter from my dreams, Galerie Félix Frachon, Bruxelles (BE)

2014 : Merci Non Merci, launch of Agent Double, le 116, Montreuil (FR)

2014 : How to do things with words, The longest day, Zurich (CH)

2013: Sehnsucht, titre provisoire, FRASQ Festival, Le Générateur, Gentilly (FR)

2013: Amuse Bouche, sign6, Brussels (BE)

2013: We-You-we always have to do something #1, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago (US)

2013: Tombola Darling, Fonderie Darling, Montreal (CA)

2012: Sleeping on top of basement floor, performance, Grimmuseum, Berlin (DE)

2012: 90 years, Not Ready Yet, Jangva Gallery, Helsinki (FI)

2012: Kiss my…, Rapid Pulse Performance Festival, Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago (US)

2011: Utopia Obsessed, in collaboration with Gim Gwan Cheol, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn (US)

2010: Dancing Horse(s) Loving Carrots, Festival Jeune Création, le 104, Paris (FR)

2010: A Snooty Foks, Art Paris, Grand Palais, Paris (FR)

Exhibitions :

2014: Be My Guest, Galerie E.G.P, Paris (FR)

2014: launch of the artist-fanzine She Killed A Deer, Problem Library, San Francisco (US)

2012: Backstage (coulisses dessinées de performances), Le Ventre de la Baleine, Paris (FR)