Alessio Mazzaro has an multidisciplinary practice, influenced by an interest towards tales and communities he doesn’t belong to. His work is based on a strong interest for the question of dialogue, learning and acceptance. Many of his pieces started from the concept of trace, and the relation we have to traces, in memory and oral history. 



– “5 vues sur 5 témoignages”, documentary screenings, at H2/61.26, Casablanca (MA); ECUJE et Maison du Maroc, Paris (FR); Spanish and Portuguese synagogue, Montreal (CA); Musée Juif de Belgique, Bruxelles (BE), 2018

– “Re-imagining Citizenship”, group show, curated by the Politicized Practice/Anarchist/Theatre and Performance Research Groups of Loughborough University, Radar Gallery, Loughborough (UK), 2018

– “The Do Nothing Club”, talk with Fiona Winning, LADA Live Arts Development Agency, London (UK), 2018

– “Hotel Europa”, group show, curated by Théo-Mario Coppola, Le 26 -Galerie Felix Frachon, Brussels (BE), 2018

– “Mellah”, site specific performance and installation (solo show), with the support of Espace Culturel et Universitaire Juif d’Europe, Gallerie de la Cité Internationale des arts, Paris (FR), 2017

– “Edinost”, community based and collaborative publishing project, with the support of Asterios Editore, Trieste (IT), 2017

– “Creative Exchange with Spike Island”, performance space installation for Spike Island Associates participation in Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London(UK), 2017

– “27metricubi”, public art residency and installation, with the support of CSM University, Granary Square, London (UK), 2017

– ” White Cube Emergency Protocol -How to react in case of a terrorist attack”, installation within the exhibition “Display this play” by France Manoush Sahatdjian, Cité internationale des arts, Paris (FR), 2017

– “The Do Nothing Club”, performance space, with Fiona Winning, Studio RCA, Royal College of Art, curator Anne Duffau, London (UK), 2016

– “Rosencrantz e Guildenstern sono vivi”, site specific installation commissioned by the Council and University of Padova (IT), 2016

– Spike Island Open Studios 2016, Spike Island, Bristol (UK), 2016

– “Social sowing (and other social notes)”, public actions and flash mobs, Padova & Bristol (IT & UK), 2015-16

– Prize Francesco Fabbri per l’Arte Contemporanea, group show, Villa Brandolini (IT), 2015

– Mediterranea 17 -Biennale of Young artists from Europe and Mediterranean, project “27metricubi” with Collettivo AAA, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan (IT), 2015

– “è solo dopo aver posato le mani che si posa lo sguardo”, solo show, DoubleRoom Gallery, Trieste(IT), 2015

– Nuovi Segnali 2015, site specific for the Conservatory Cesare Pollini, Padova (IT), 2015

– “Office for personal imagination diet”, performance and space by S’odinonsuonare, Eastern Bloc (Montreal, CA)  and Popps Packing (Detroit, MI) , 2015

–  ArtefattoX, group show, curated by Janka Vukmir and Giuliana Carbi, MuseoCivico Teatrale“C.Schimidl”,Trieste (IT), 2015

-“27metricubi”, public art project with Collettivo AAA, squares of Padova and Venice (IT), 2015

-“Un lavoro per Camporovere”, community based and radio drama, Camporovere(IT), 2014

-A matter of memory, group show, curated by Sara Berton and Università IUAV, SpazioPunch,Venice (IT), 2014

-97a Collettiva Giovani Artisti, group show, curated by Stefano Coletto, Fondazione Bevilacqua LaMasa,Venice (IT),  2013

– INDEPENDENTS 3, Art Fair, curated by Cristiano Seganfreddo, ArtVerona 2012, Verona (IT), 2012



– Teatri di Vetro, with S’odinonsuonare, curated by Enea Tomei & Roberta Nicolai, Rome (IT), 2016

– SuperNormal 2016, (Commision), curated by Sam Francis, Brazier Park (UK), 2016

– Electric Eclectics Festival, with S’odinonsuonare, curated by Gordon Monohan, Meadow, Ontario (CA), 2015

– Biennale Danza 2015, performer for Claudia Castellucci (Societas Raffaello Sanzio), curated by Virgilio Sieni, Venice (IT), 2015

– ImageTanz 2015, Brut Kunstlerhaus, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Katalin Erodi, Wien (AU), 2015

– Live Arts Week III, Museum MAMbo, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Xing, Bologna (IT), 2014

– Sant’arcangelo Festival 2014, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Silvia Bottiroli, Sant’arcangelo (IT), 2014

– Far Festival Des Arts Vivants, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Veronique Ferrero Delacoste, Nyon (CH) 2014

– Short Theatre, Museum Macro, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Fabrizio Arcuri, Rome (IT), 2014

– Steirischer herbst 2014, with BarokTheGreat, curated by Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Graz (AU), 2014

– 42Biennale di Teatro 2013, performer for LaVeronal, curated by Alex Rigola, Venice (IT), 2013

– Biennale college Teatro 2012, performer for Claudio Tolcachir, curated by Alex Rigola, Venice (IT), 2012




– Courageous Citizens 2018 Research & Development Grant, European Cultural Foundation (ND), 2018-19

– Istituto Italian di Cultura di Montreal (CA), 2018

– Winner of a funded residency at Cité Internationale des Arts by Incontri Internazionali D’arte (Rome, IT), 2017

-Prize winner of Commissions Visual Arts, Live performances, Writing and Music of the Cité Internationale des Arts (FR), 2017

– Travel grant, Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto (CA), 2015

– D.E.M.O./Movin’ Up, MiBAC (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism), 2013



– Zsenne Lab, with Gianmarco Cugusi, Bruxelles (BE), 2018

– Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (FR), 2017

– Residenza Arte Transitiva, with S’odinonsuonare, Turin (IT), 2017

– RicercaX, with Couchscore, Turin (IT), 2017

– Space In Kind, with Couchscore, Arnolfini, curated by Daisy Moon, Bristol(UK), 2016

– IN_TempoReale, with S’odinonsuonare, TempoReale and SpazioK, Firenze and Prato(IT), 2016

– Choreographic residency with Sonia Brunelli, Pact Zollverein, Essen (DE), 2015

– Residency, STEIM Studio for electro-instrumental music, Amsterdam (ND), 2014