About the Gallery

The gallery was created to present and promote in and from Brussels, the young contemporary art scenes from the « emerging » countries.

 Following of seasonal themed programmation of 5 to 7 solo-shows questioning the essence of frontiers, time and politics, different discours, medias, origins, and art practices.

The seasons are as follow: India 2016/17, Africa and its diaspora 17/18, Central & South America 18/19 and Arabic Countries 19/20.

All the shows in one season are interlinked not by the « origin » or « place of work » of the artist, but by the questions and « Propos » defended by each artist.

Following our aim to introduce different cultures, a book will be edited and a seminar organized.

Plans de la galerie


5 Rue St-Georges / St-Joristraat
1050 Ixelles
+32 486 14 13 30


Tuesday – Saturday
11 am – 18 pm


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